Image SEO for e-commerce: How to turn your product images into a traffic generation machine

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The Most Overlooked Image Optimization Technique

Everybody loves fast websites. They feel good and they convert better. A one second difference in page load time can mean millions of dollars of lost revenue. A significant amount of that load time (62% of a page’s total weight, on average) lies on images.

All statistical data is taken from the HTTP Archive World’s top 1 million websites (according to Alexa).

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Introducing the Optimal Image Format

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Today, we announce another significant step towards image optimization tranquility.

Every web professional knows how file size changes dramatically between JPEG, PNG and GIF images. We’ve all spent hours comparing formats and compression, in search of the smallest acceptable file size. For good reason: faster pages give better conversions, higher search rankings and lower data transfer. It’s a multi-win.

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